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The Bohinj Lake

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The Bohinj Lake

We kindly invite you to visit the heart of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park, where the picturesque town of Bohinj and the charming Bohinj Lake await you in the embrace of the fragrant green forests and magnificent mountains.

Lake Bohinj
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What makes Bohinj the perfect holiday destination?

Bohinj offers almost endless possibilities to enjoy the nature during all seasons of the year. Your adventures can take place on the crystal clear Bohinj Lake, the vibrant Sava Bohinjka headwater, the panoramic mountain tops and the places where other attractions in Bohinj and its surroundings are located. These adventures can always be complemented with the rich tourist offer.

Explore the Bohinj landmarks on foot, by bicycle, on a horse, rowing along the water surface and from up in the air. We offer you a wide variety of well-marked hiking, themed and cycling trails, trail riding paths and well-marked climbing routes. Breathtaking views are a reward for investing a bit of effort. Enrich your experience with a fair amount of adrenaline and traditional flavours of Bohinj.

Those who plan to visit Bohinj during the winter period will have the chance to experience a lavishing range of winter sports in a magic land covered with a blanket of snow. Experience exiting winter adventures ranging from romantic torch-lit hikes and Husky sledge rides to exciting ski touring and downhill snow tubing. In favourable winter conditions over 70km cross-country skiing tracks and more than 30km of ski slopes await for you in Bohinj; whereas, ski centres and other tourist providers offer a wide range of additional tourist services.


The Splendour of Nature in Bohinj

Enjoy the authentic nature – mystic clouds over the Bohinj Lake, magnificent sunsets, soothing scent of the forests, chirping of the birds, the tranquillity of secluded spots...  Experience the splendour of Bohinj in more ways than possible.

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Bohinj Attractions

Natural Sights in Bohinj

In the past millenniums natural sights were created in Bohinj that will leave you speechless.  Scenic points, magnificent waterfalls, mountain lakes, diverse ravines...

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Bohinj History & Culture

The Cultural Landmarks in Bohinj

Upgrade your experience with interesting stories about the past way of life in Bohinj and the lives of the locals. Take a walk down the memory lane by visiting numerous cultural monuments, and hire an experienced tour guide to get the most out of you trip.

More about the Cultural Landmarks in Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

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